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Rethink your relationship with food

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Cookwell Co. is a food and nutrition business breaking down the barrier between good tasting food and health. An advocate for intuitive cooking and inclusive eating, Erin delivers, teaches and inspires people to not only love cooking again, but feel confident doing so. She incorporates a hearty portion of nutrition in to most dishes, but doesn’t sweat it if some meals are more about pleasure and less about health. Erin’s rural roots make for an unfussy, relaxed approach to cooking and makes us all feel like we can not only do this ourselves, but that we can actually eat really good food while still maintaining a healthy, happy life.


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Looking for a hands-on experience to learn more about cooking, food and nutrition? You’ve come to the right place!


Recipe Development

Turning food ideas and inspirations into tasteful finished products. For restaurant menus or inside the pages of a timeless cookbook, I’ll help bring culinary creations to life.


Lifestyle and nutrition services

Providing you with the knowledge and accountability you need to reach your health goals.


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